if i'm lost it's only for a little while

i will be in ejido hermosillo, mexico until the 30th. i'll be working with some very rad SF State shooters including Brian Frank, Darcy Holdorf, Justin Maxon, Justin Mott, and Nathan Weyland. We've also got Ben Thomas repping for the UK and Brandon Thibodeaux repping for University of North Texas.

this super talented team (and might i add, some of the most amazing bunch of friends i've gotten to know) will be working with the young kids of ejido hermosillo, teaching them about photography and the incredible social impact of documentary photojournalism. thank you everyone for your generosity in helping us gather cameras, film, books and other supplies. also, a very special thanks to my parents phil and kate for donating our gas money. you guys saved us!

i love you all and you will be missed. see you on the 30th. this blog will be quiet until then.

xoxo kristina

okay, okay, i get it

so none of you liked me admitting to giving in to my cynical side. i got more responses from that then anything i've posted on here. noted.

leaving for ejido hermosillo, mexico tomorrow for our photo workshop that we're hosting.

here's a link with more info: http://mojicaarts.com/postcard/071207/email.html

i'm frantically battling soundtrack pro and soundslides right now. it'll be weird not photographing robert and sue for a few weeks.

thanks to everyone who came out to our little send off last night. ramin, it was great seeing you kid. come visit sf more often!!


maybe i am, maybe i'm not.

i though about cynicism today. and desire. and self-loathing.

i can't help but admit that a lot of what i now feel and know about these things is due in large part to living with dave and brian. we all have our moments of completely obnoxious behavior, but those boys are my family and i know i need to do them proud in life by embracing my inner bastard every once in a while and enjoy the brighter side of pessimism.

and that's just fine. everyone needs a dose of that in their lives. i'm still the same, only now i'm not so naive.


and now what?

tonight was (officially) my last day of class at sf state. ever. i'm a college graduate. had a pretty awesome little panic attack about the future. a big, can i do this, can i take pictures, and can i put a roof over my head and never let go of whatever it is inside that drives me to do this.

we went bowling to celebrate the collective achievement.

no more state. goodbye sean, acey, jim, scot, and others that made that place more then bearable and entirely too entertaining.


it's a rough, wild world. could you please chaperone?

no rambling. just photos. delta, last few days. more to come.

this is rodney, a neighbor of robert and sue's. he was telling me his life story. literally. i think i was standing for an hour on the dock listening to him while sue and joseph fished and robert napped. this is when he talked about his 19-year-old granddaughter getting knocked up. he just found out. her 16-year-old brother just had a kid too. he said they are both bright kids. she is super active at school. ASB pres type of thing. he's angry and upset and hopeful.

i've been known to cause near-accidents with myself and the shoulder of the road staring off into space and beautiful skies while i'm driving. but don't worry, i stopped to take this picture. my car, side mirror, looking back where i came from at the marina, driving through the corn fields.

adrian recommended i read some murikami after i bugged him about a book suggestion. i bought sputnik sweetheart and started reading it last night at ariel's. this is ariel somewhere between the pages of my friend leonard and telling me to stop taking her photo.

okay, i'm not gonna lie, another guilty-while-driving shot. coming home this afternoon, bay bridge, beautiful day and driving in the lane that dumps you on 5th downtown.