roller babe

a very fun weekend. productive in ways that maybe aren't prioritized. but fun nonetheless. the sunshine has me motivated to only do things that are in the sun. i think it was the overwhelming gray skies in ohio that has me on this huge sunshine binge the past week.

thank you to all who came by photo night. fun was had by all. who knew brian and i could make ceviche? delicious.

took photos of ariel today for her roller derby promo stuff. time to get crackin on the school work. lots of reading. plenty of photos to line up.


i'm loving the weather

The past few days have been so beautiful in the city. It's been hard work to get my butt out of bed and motivated to go to school rather than sit in the park in the sun all day.

Spent some time last weekend in Chinatown taking features in the rain. Here's some shots from that:


i'm still alive

A shot outside of The Knockout after last call. I'm officially a bluegrass fan after that night.

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Things have been pretty crazy and scattered as of late but I'm finally getting settled. Spent most of January chillin up at the Russian River with Brian at his cabin. And we FINALLY moved in to our new place. Brian, Cheryl and I are all in.. we're just waiting for Dave to get his stuff moved in and then we'll be a full house. It's weird to not still be living in Castro and have the Mission so close. But it's definitely going to do my wallet some good. And my liver. Our new place is off Ocean and it's HUUUUUGE! We have a two car garage, a washer/dryer, and a giant downstairs with all the common area.

Out of the newspaper grind and back to the State grind. It's strange to be sitting in a classroom after being away from school so long. I definitely missed seeing everyone in the lab and I'm stoked to be taking pictures on a regular basis. Photo III so far seems like it'll go pretty well, but I miss Acey. Our Oakland project should be pretty cool though. I just want to get the culture stuff over with fast so that we can spend a lot of time in Oakland.

I spent Saturday night with an artist who was up here from LA doing a show. Round one Photo III is always an event and I wanted to check out this show since it sounded pretty unique. It was a gallery/live painting show all to the tunes of The Smiths and Morrissey. Hung out with the guy before at Homestead which was right up the street before heading back over to the show. It was tough to make shots and this guy seemed a little uncomfortable but warmed up once he had some liquor in him.

It's so good to be back in Cali. There's no place like SF.