Buffalo Roundup

I didn't realize how short the days were going until I saw how late they start. I thought for sure the sun would be up when I peeled myself out of bed at half past five this morning. But it was pitch black. Almost all the way until I was pulling into Safeway to greedily get my fuel discount. Tim always makes for an interesting drive somewhere. We talk a lot about life and his faith and our conversations always turn into something more philosophical. Either way, it didn't make for a horrible drive at dawn. I can't lie, I hadn't been having too much fun at work the past few weeks. Not sure what it was. Just a lot going on there and I felt a little disconnected from things. But it's almost October. And I got to spend the whole day bouncing around the back of a pickup, coming home with dust caked to my skin. Maybe I needed a mellow day taking photos of buffalo. Whatever it was, it got my mind of things.



Roamed around Sturgis for a few hours on a story we were doing about businesses in what can only be called a ghost town of a downtown. Sad really. And apparently Republicans must have been on my mind. I think I'm still haunted by Sarah Palin's awful excuse for an interview with Katie Couric.


Island Park, Idaho

And some of the surrounding area. Drove around today looking for fall colors.


Sports, sports, sports

I've photographed so many sporting events the past week. Guess it's that time of year. The time of year when prep sports dominates the schedule. I am rusty.