first snow

there was snow on the ground when i arrived in south dakota. but i didn't get to see it snow until last sunday. and it snow for both of the days that i had off. moco and i played in the snow for hours. it was cold and cozy. and today it was almost 60 and most of the snow is gone. boo.


senior dance

dance lessons at a local senior center.



rapid city

it's 7 below. the heater has been running nonstop all morning. and i don't have to be in to work until 2.

all in all, not a bad day.

finding myself not missing california. i know, i know... i say that now. but this move has been a very welcomed change of pace. and i'm really enjoying my new job.

and i think my liver thanks me for leaving san francisco.

just a few pics for you. trying to find my vision in a new place. got way too comfortable shooting in the bay area for the past year, being able to shoot anything, any which way and not having to think about it going to pub.

paying for that now, watching my mind move in baby steps while i'm behind the camera. in a way it feels like i'm re-learning it all. kind of nice, kind of frustrating... in a good way.

hope all is well back home.


oh eight

a few shots from my last few days in San Francisco and a few from the first hours of 2008

brian stealing my camera and the mirror in my bedroom for a quick self portrait before we all left for dinner at darcy's

hookers in the hot tub at the new years party dave and brian were working at.

i met these two at the end of the night. he lived in rapid city for a time. she rhymed every few words. they reminded me of christian hansen. a little beatnik; a little frisco. they knew people back in rapid city. and that's where i am now. turns out one of the other photogs knows one of the people they were telling me about. he asked me to write a secret in his moleskine. i did.
my vision left me as the drinks found me.

big beap breaths

yep, i live in south dakota now.

new place, fresh start.


feels good.

time to stretch my legs for a while.

my photo editor ryan said something funny the other day.

rich kids have existential meltdowns in their lives only because normal people don't have enough time on their hands to give those meaningless freak outs the time of day.

he is totally right.


see you kids on the road.