in the middle of scanning pictures from this weekend. i cut off a lot of heads and apparently looked at the ground a lot. i think this is indicative of how exhausted i am. more to come as i scan...

jason and meghan outside lipo lounge

jared being jared aka drunk and sitting in the street at constance's party

the remains of our tequila bottle at the mission party


ariel said a really wise thing today...

ariel and i are sitting at my favorite ocean ave. neighborhood coffee shop analyzing the state of journalism today and asking the big questions of "where are our jobs going? what are we going to be doing with our futures? and where do we as photographers fit into this ever-changing world of journalism?"

and ariel said something that i've been thinking for years but didn't really know how to put to words and that was: we are going to be part of a new generation of journalists that will not be retiring at a newspaper.

and that brought some light to the end of my tunnel and also a lot of confusing and daunting questions. i don't see myself at a newspaper in the next 5 years, but shouldn't i be pursuing that now? but why should i be wanting to work at newspapers, which have very few jobs for us shooters--and even fewer jobs at papers that actually give a shit about their visual departments--if most aren't even going to exist in the next 5 years?? where is journalism headed? where is online journalism headed?

to all the idiots out there who don't know any better

who in their right mind would ever EVER let their TODDLER stand on the sidelines at a football game. that is just downright insane. it's scary enough standing there as an adult with all your camera gear. i have a fear of getting my lens knocked into my grill and then being toothless. what this video. you're probably going to yell shit like i did.

you gotta sit through a short ad first before the video starts.

  • AP video of toddler getting tackled
  • another photo movie

    i've been digging a bunch of these photo montage things i've been running across on youtube.. here's another one i found

    the shootout was so much fun last night! i think sean and katy are my all time favorite couple. thank you scot for putting up with us at your house so late!



    i think this might have been the first time i've shot for the shootout. i always show up to drink some beer but had a lot of fun making a picture for this. the shootout is a j-dept 24 hour picture finding frenzy. you get 24 hours to make a picture that is based on your interpretation of a theme. this year: underground. here's my shot. brian and i were out in india basin looking for some homeless folks that camp out under the freeway when we ran across some skaters who were shooting for a video. i was determined to get a holga shot for the shootout. kinda sweet to take only 12 frames and be stoked on something to submit. i'm loving holga right now. mine has a gnar gnar light leak.. but i don't care! it's holga, right?


    polaroid transfer

    i'm having too much fun with film right now. i went from bw 35 to 120 and now i'm taking slides and making 4x5s. yes yes yes.

    i'm gonna scan a bunch of stuff at school tomorrow, so these don't show much detail. but for now here's some pictures of what i've been working on. the first two are successful image transfers. the third is an emulsion transfer. these are all slides that came from digital prints that i shot the summer after high school.

    i was getting so frustrated with trying to get a good image transfer (but i'm also using pretty long-expired film), so i tried an emulsion transfer with a semi-print that i ended up with on accident. (the developing times aren't consistent right now and i can't figure it out. i think it must be because of how old the film is? i have no idea. i've been reading about this stuff for DAYS and there just isn't a lot out there except for like the same 5 books/authors).



    i've got portland on the brain right now. cheap(er) rent and no sales tax. and i have a bunch of film to scan.

    but i had a 90% successful polaroid transfer last night so i'm going to try another one. i love film.


    completely non-photo related but...

    ...hysterical. i love will ferrel. back home in the SFC. PDX, you are already missed. processing some 120 tomorrow.



    i'm in portland. feels like home!!

    at the governor hotel for then night. seeing the frames in a few hours. staying in west linn tomorrow through the rest of the week.

    it's raining. but i have my newly purchased holga and we're on the 5th floor in a corner suite, so i'm a pretty happy camper right now.


    new scans

    i want one. who wants to build one with me??

    border="0" alt="" />

    here's some new scans and also some re-scans of a few of the others. i had about two more to scan before the lab closed for the day. bummer! i'll get scan 'em on monday.

    attn portland: i'll see you all in a few days.


    check out these sites

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  • and the ones in the links section -> tons of other awesome photo blogs by some very talented folks.


    holga goodness

    i shot my first holga stuff this weekend. i borrowed brian's camera and adam and i headed to the a's/giants game at sbcpacbellat&t (whatever it's called this week). my first of three rolls is hanging in the kitchen right now. i'll be scanning negs tonight from the 35mm stuff i did over the weekend. and then tomorrow at school i'll be hunting down a scanner for the 120. i'm so stoked right now. i want to get the enlarger up and running by the end of spring break. who's coming over to make prints with us??

    edit: scanned some stuff at school today on some hella dirty scanner.

    i'd love to hear some advice from anyone who's shot some MF film. this is my first time working with this stuff -- we're developing at home -- so any help would be awesome!

    also, does anyone know a cheap place to get MF scanned? or free? does city college have a multi-format scanner?