goodbye 162; hello 3423. i love my new home, and yes, i went a little crazy with the paint. and the secondhand stores. what can i say... i love thrifting and i love surroudning myself with color.


my neighborhood

moco and i go on walks everyday. and its usually a lot of him stopping to sniff and me stopping to shoot.


all i see are shiny orange basketballs

so. much. basketball. been doing some mini photo essays on fans for some local art in the paper. i don't even know how many games we've had in the past two weeks, but it's definitely kept seth, ryan and i busy. boy finals tonight. beers after are a must.


early spring

global warming is melting all of the beautiful snow. spring seems to be coming early but everyone keeps reassuring me that there is going to be more snow before spring finally arrives. can't complain too much about the 60 degree days though. moco and i are digging the walks; hour long walks have turned into 4 hour walks. hell, the polar plunge (jumping into the frozen lake for charity) a few weeks ago was 70 degrees. uber polar, no?

i bought my first couch today. finally something to sit on besides my 3 dollar kitchen chairs.

here's some photos from the last few weeks.

and here's a few shots from back in january when seth took me out to Wall to hit up Wall Drug and do some trespassing at an abandoned farm house.