Free dental services

A local dentist opened his doors for a day of free dental services to people using the Cornerstone Rescue Mission. I saw a guy get some teeth pulled and another guy (bottom photo) with severe, like severe, gum disease and tooth decay. The lack of dental hygiene education in this area is astonishing. We found a mother who didn't even know it was a bad idea to be giving her kids a bottle of Kool-Aid as they went to bed. Her two-year-old (top photo) and three-year-old's baby teeth were rotting. These free services were much needed and a great way for this office to be giving back to the community.


Parkway Barber Shop

Warren Stone (top) and Harley Leslie are both retiring after over 50 years in the barber shop business. If I was a dude, I'd be at the shop pronto. They do old school razor edge cuts and everything. There is even a dispenser for shaving cream. And Warren forced me away with a tiny tube of glycerin for my winter-chapped hands.

Oglala Sioux Transit

While down on the reservation we also got a ride on the new bus system that just got put in place. The roads were gnarly since it was snowing so damn bad. Hopefully more people find out about the new transit system because it's a great thing to have on the rez. It covers a huge area and it's pretty affordable. Get the word out.

Porcupine School

Mary and I went down to Pine Ridge Indian Reservation yesterday for a story about a new school that had just opened. It was super nice. Definitely one of the most architecturally interesting schools I've been to. It was very cold. And very snowy. I was outside mugging buildings and this little girl was watching the snow come down.


I love hockey. And I love Miguel Beaudry. And Lanny Ramage. And Kyle Sheen. And Gio Flamminio. And pretty much anyone that is on the ice and not in the press box. Word.


The Rushettes taught the Junior Rushettes some new moves. And I had to listen to Kanye West's "Heartless" on repeat for an hour.

Alternative Fuel

I love this place. The coffee is awesome. The baristas are super nice. And they have wifi. And comfy chairs. But the Christian music drives me crazy. I can't get any work done there unless I have an awesome pair of headphones.

Middle School Basketball

I made a joke to Ryan last week about eventually having to shoot middle school basketball. A few days later and what do you know, there I was shooting a middle school basketball game. Granted, my joke did not encompass the nut graf of my assignment, but the irony was still here.

Black Hills Workshop

If I was actually able to find time to have a life out of this job, I would be volunteering my time at the Black Hills Workshop. They do some awesome things for people in our community who are living with disabilities. They had a basketball tournament a few weeks back. I was given about 5 minutes there to make a picture. Okay I lied. It was actually about 4 minutes. I didn't do this event justice. At all.

Nursing Home Wedding

These two got hitched in the nursing home where they both work. It was a hoot. The PR lady for the nursing home was not. Hence the lack of real interaction with the residents. Poop. Poop on you HR lady. Word.

Airport Fire Station

I've been shooting through a lot of windows lately. For no real reason. Just looking for something different because my brain is Jell-o. Good old-fashioned, non-vegan, jiggly Jell-o.

Black Hills National Cemetery

Remains laid to rest after sitting on a shelf for years.


Roping cattle in the pens behind the Stock Show.

Feeder Pig

They feed 'em. They get plump. Then they get to be bacon. And since I don't eat bacon, I wanted to bring this little guy home with me to hang out.


Elton John's Red Piano

A portrait for a Red Cross benefit concert we have coming up. This is one of two of Elton John's red piano. This kid is a super talented musician. And his mom made his coat.

Buffalo Sale

Not only do we sell cattle in this town, we sell buffalo too.

Cattle Sale

A feature from one of the cattle sales at the Black Hills Stock Show.


The Budweiser Clydesdales were in town. It was kindof a big deal. Get it, b-i-g. They are big. I'm not very funny this morning.

Dog Agility

My dog would have run after the clydesdales nearby instead of completing the dog agility course. But that's kindof why I love my dog.

Stock Show

Ranch Rodeo at the Black Hills Stock Show and Rodeo. I love the Stock Show. Spent a lot of time there this year, but not nearly as much as I would have liked. Early deadlines really kill your creativity when you are running around doing 6 assignments in 45 minutes. Blurg.


virgin lobes no more

went with emilie today to go get her ears pierced. she was a champ. minimal bone-crushing hand-holding. way to go em.