Loose Ends

Lovers Leap

Hiked a three mile loop in Custer State Park for a story that we did on quiet winter hiking trails. It was gorgeous. Exactly what I needed that morning.


Borst Park, Centralia, Washington

In trying to clean up my hard-drive and my three externals, I found this lying around in some folder on my desktop... a really old self-portrait.



A few from the sidelines of Tuesday's State of the State address in Pierre.



if i knew heartbreak was coming
i would have set out running
past the city houses
and the ditches on the highway
weave between the seasons
under bridges and the valley
til the winds out on the prairie
whip the tears from my eyes

i love this place.


Carter Mitchell

Here's to hoping the portraits I take in 2009 are better than the ones I took in 2008. Carter started me off on the right foot, that's for sure. I definitely needed a ladder for this one. This kid was like nine feet tall. Which is Barker exaggeration terms means he is actually about a foot and a half -- almost two feet -- taller than me.

Dead, dry Earth

All day, all I've wanted to do was take a nap. Slept like hell last night. The wind was howling to no end. We clocked 77 mph in parts of the city. Kept Moco up growling all night as the wind whipped shadows around the yard, casting strange shapes into my bedroom.

While you were sleeping, you tossed, you turned
You rolled your eyes as the world turned
The heavens fell, the Earth quaked
I thought you must be, but you weren't awake


George Pugh

George has had two strokes. He lives by himself. He was a hoot to hang out with. Difficult to understand, but him and I made do just fine.


ariel, meet me there?

let's do it to it.


big black hole and the little baby star

i got a long way to travel
with a heaviness taking hold
it takes a long night when you unravel at home

don't know that she knows what it is she's doing
don't know that she knows we're throwing it all away
now tell me how you think we're gonna make it through this



somewhere between shooting with my long glass slung around my shoulder and then grabbing for the wide angle draped from my neck, my clumsy fingers switched my shooting mode from manual to bulb.





I've been here one year. Exactly. What better way to celebrate then with some guns in the woods with good friends?

Oh, Nine.

New Years came and went. It's usually always a major let-down. But this year proved my theory wrong. It was an effing blast.

This boy is such good people. Seth, you're an awesome dude and an amazing friend. Thanks for making Rapid much more like home.