i never go see movies

ever. i'm the last person in the world to see movies. seriously. i literally just watched interview with the vampire for the first time a few days ago. took me how long to see that?? 13 years? granted i was in 4th grade when it came out but come on i need to get caught up on films. i really want to go see the simpsons movie!!

i've practically grown up watching this show. who can't love a family that never gets older? i need to get my butt to a movie theater this summer.


thank you amazon.com

the postman totally made my day when he delivered this:

brian has a copy tainted with the memory of one of his exes. it has bad juju. but i've poured over it so many times in the past few months that i thought it was finally time to get something off my wishlist. perfectly fitting inspiration for my current project.

$17.99, used, and looking pretty damn good.

edit: okay, i lied. something else totally made my day. heard the sweet sweet sound of julia robinson's voice during a brief phone call. miss that girl. she was always good at keeping my crazy bobble head on my shoulders. good luck miss robinson in missouri!!

floating in the same boat

my little site tracker that records traffic to this page lists places where i'm linked on other parts of the web or where i'm mentioned or if people google me, etc.

now i come across a list that has me in the same boat as david leeson?? something isn't right. i'm light years behind this guy. and i've ended up on these lists before, but to this day it still totally confused as to how this guy (guy with webpage) found me and how i came to be put on his lists. emails don't seem to ever be returned nor do comments. i'll continue to be perplexed.


the worst of luck

paying a high price for some bad karma. someone pull me out of this. or i'm just having a string of bad luck.

feeling lost and disconnected. i'm seeing it more in my pictures and that's making me realize more about where i'm at in life. for photoraphers, our pictures scarily enough tell us more about ourselves then we would like to see. you can't really help but photograph yourself in the things around you. the very core of an image can have your heart and soul spilling over it for everyone to see. strange to realize that.


class is always fun

nice to only come back to state when there's fun instructors. sean is kicking our asses and it's doing a lot of good because everyone in that room is out there busting their butts to make pictures. it's rad.

sean organized us into a skit the other night to do a demo on gathering audio, editing audio, and then putting together a soundslides. the whole thing was pretty hysterical. most of the audio was everyone laughing. so funny.

the last shot is of buzby, sean and katy's dog, when i was dog/house sitting this past weekend.


a few got left behind

i'm in the market for a typewriter. anyone have one that's gathering dust and would like a new home?

trying to fill my ears with new music. i'm a sucker for anything bluegrass, ozark or appalachian-inspired. feel free to flood my email with suggestions. pretty please.

this boy says goodbye too many times

people who say goodbye a lot are even harder to miss, especially when you're jeff enlow and you've been saying goodbye for a month.

i met jeff for the first time at the VII conference in Pasadena over a year ago. apparently we met at a bar?? i can't piece together that whole night. by then deanne fitzmaurice had bought us a lot of shots of patron and i don't remember much other then dancing with darcy and yelling at you-know-whos with their one drink limit.

met jeff again the next day standing in line to get jim's deeds of war signed. the first thing he told me was that he was going away to denmark for the j-dept exchange program. and here he is today, leaving us for that very program. i'm gonna miss that sonofabitch. he's a real fucking good guy. we celebrated his opportunity/mourned his departure by singing our hearts out.


chasing this light

i need to take a big piece of black tape and block out the center of the frame on all of my lenses. this center-weighted crap is killing me.

loving the delta. nothing to write home about just yet as far as images go. but hot damn these people have some incredible stories to tell. audio is going to be funny, interesting and then just downright depressing.

i hadn't seen a sunset like that in california. ever. as soon as the sun started to go down i instantly felt like i was in idaho. made me miss my folks. a lot. i swear i could have squinted and looked out at the horizon and imagined the setting sun washing over henry's lake. the light was unreal. and my photos totally don't do it justice.

and the web totally doesn't do any pictures justice--let alone pictures with awesome light. toning for the web sucks the life out of pictures. and all the black.


staring at the sun

totally inspired by
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
been hanging out at sean and katy's place with their totally sweet dog buzby while they are out of town this weekend. it's been super relaxing to lay around with the dog and look at photo books and listen to music. nice escape from our crazy house. especially now that a ghost has decided to show it's face in the upstairs hallway. here's some stuff from the weekend.

met some interesting people at the delta. heading back out tomorrow to hang out again. i'm stoked on the aging project. and stoked to be working on it out in the delta. nice change of pace from the city.

a bunch of us headed to stockton to cheer ariel and her Port City Roller Girls on at their match against Bakersfield. if you've never seen roller derby, GO! i've never seen anything like it.

giovanni tried his hand at the super wide lens

and drunk adam only added to my on-going collection of pictures i have of my feet and the people and things on the ground.



the last few days have been pretty crazy. i'm somewhere between the world of no sleep and total exhaustion. some pictures from the last week-ish.

mancini gets his grump on while waiting for our food at tu lan

amy and brian reach the end of their rope while finishing up their uber cheese multimedia for a non-profit

darcy and brian in noe valley

we had a benefit last night for our photo workshop at the mexican consulate in SOMA. went to a bar after and then apparently to a strip club. everything after the rounds and rounds of tequila at kelly o'briens is a blur.


the city

back home in the good old 'sco.