where did all that time go

here's some work from the past month-ish. spent the better part of the last few days sifting through archives and pulling stuff for eddie adams. ugh. que existential photo-crisis and self-realization of falling short more times than achieving a vision.

missing living in a house where photos were talked about in a constant, evolving way. needing to find that creative drive and vision that i found last year.

okay, scratch that. quit the bitching and get out there and make some fucking pictures. that sounds like a better plan.

someone go tell the guys at Action Camera that i miss them dearly. Jet Photo gave me back some awful Hasselblad scans. ugh.



okay, i'm not gonna lie... i'm getting kind of addicted to online scrabble. i'm forcing myself to not look for ways to gamble with online scrabble. i'm sure it's out there. and i want to find it. i'm telling you, i have this gambling addiction hidden away in me somewhere and i think i just found what it needs. scrabble. who knew? all those years of uber competitive playing with my family has turned into this.

and you know what the funny thing is? i'm a terrible, TERRIBLE speller.




No, not the fish; the tiny town.

Got sent out there on Friday in what can only be described as blizzard conditions to get a photo of a couple that invented this pretty snazzy farm equipment that makes moving bales of hay a hell of a lot easier then it currently is. Made these on my way back home, driving on the icey roads in the driving snow. Gotta love April in the Black Hills.


1880 Train

We've got a new photo page that will run every Monday. We kicked it off today with a project that I worked on with Barb. You can read her story here Barb has a great voice that captured the characters and scene in the shop. I'm excited to do more of these Monday packages.

Here's a broader edit from what ran today: