Island Park, Idaho

Left the Black Hills for a few days to meet my brother in Island Park, where my folks live for most of the year. After an exhausting past couple of weeks of work and listening to the incessant bitching of co-workers, I was more than ready for a break. And damn if last night I didn't dream the whole time about being late to assignments for work. Three days gone from the office and I wake up in a panic in the middle of the night that I'm late for a shoot. Damnit.

Beautiful drive here. Probably one of the most beautiful drives I've done in this country. And the Black Hills said a lovely goodbye with one of the most amazing sunsets I've ever seen. I couldn't not stop along I-90. Took me forever to get past Spearfish.


over and out.

i'm exhausted. last week was hell. lee enterprise, you owe me oodles of overtime. overtime that i will never see. bastards.

ariel, hurry up and save journalism for the rest of us. the journal building isn't tall enough to jump off of.

getting out of town for a few days starting tomorrow. gonna see my FOLKS and my BROTHER. i can't wait.

the rally is coming up. and thanks to ariel, i have a tshirt to wear everyday.