to the end and back again

Brian popped his head up from his computer on Tuesday afternoon while we were sitting in the kitchen and asked me, "What do you think about going to shoot some fires?" A few hours later, Brian, Steve and I we were driving down I-5, struggling to keep our eyes open as we drifted into LA around 4am.

Smoke was everywhere and the sun looked like something out of an Apocalyptic novel. I passed out somewhere between West Hollywood and Camp Pendleton. A wildfire was raging on the base but it was going to be at least an hour before we could get a PIO to take us on to check it out. We opted for a trip to downtown San Diego to get our yellows and then took a nap at Ocean Beach. Total exhaustion had set in from the all night drive down the awful rigidity that is I-5.

From there the rest of the week is a haze of smoke, fire, MREs, too little sleep, and a view from the passenger seat of my car constantly blocked by the word PRESS in duct tape.

Sleeping out on the line at Palomar Mountain, with the firefighters containing the head of the fire, is by far one of the most amazing experiences I've had while working. Waking up and then going to breakfast at the CDF/Forest Service staging area with our entire CDF crew coming off their 24 hour shift (after we had shot 24 hours on our own shift), wrapped up our week on the line before finally ending the trip at Rancho Bernardo.


it's here

a new name and maybe even some sort of new beginning. same nonsense ramblings and ever-evolving photographs.

moco got his last set of shots today. he is officially vaccinated, which means i can finally put him on a leash to walk around on the city streets. to celebrate, i took moco and oscar to baker beach so we could all enjoy the indian summer. gotta love when it's 70 degrees... at the beach... in october.


suddenly everything

Zeitgeist, Valencia at Duboce, Paul's birthday

moco and oscar are officially the cutest little dog buddies i've ever seen. i'm dying for oscar to teach moco how to pee with a leg up so that he will quit peeing all over his front legs.

moco found a dead bird in my parent's backyard.

megan aka meg-tron let me play around with a photo shoot that she needed done for a party night she is promoting at The Transfer (Church at Market St.) i still have to mock up the picture with all the event info.. but it'll be on Halloween so that's why this is zombie-themed. megan rules. and hey, my totally awesome, super sweet sunglasses made it into the final cut.

i've wanted a new blog name since i picked this one. i'm still mulling it over... apparently that takes me a few months. i'm not too hot in the decision-making department right now. still entirely too uncomfortable with the freedom of being able to choose where i want my life to go and being too damn scared to go do what i really want to do.

time to purge all the junk from my life that i've been lugging around in boxes for years and years. i'm sick of junk. i have way too much shit for only being 23. i mean really... i'm literally talking boxes and boxes of stuff i haven't touched in years.

i want to buy a tiny little trailer... just big enough for moco and i to sleep in. tow that behind my good ol' tribute and hit the road. i wish it was spring so that wanting to leave in the winter didn't seam like such a terrible idea. i hate getting stuck in nebraska in the middle of winter. been there. done that. not happening again.

celebrated paul's birthday on friday night. zeitgeist sucks when all you want to order is $2.50 beers. screw you rude bartenders. i'm on a budget. quit being a jerk when i only throw you three bucks for my beer that was oh-so-difficult to open.

it's time to escape this city. i know, i've been saying that for way too long.


bound for home

sadly leaving this beautiful place. flying home tomorrow.