It's so cold here!

Spent the entire last two days in 30-40 degree weather which is, of course, a complete shock to this California native. That kind of weather usually means I'm in Tahoe totally bundled up in my snow clothes. Last night's football was a very very cold rainstorm. Today was cross country and football in rain, sleet and then snow. I was soaked to the bone. I couldn't feel my fingers for the entire first half until I went back to my car and cranked up the heat all the way through half-time. I've never loved my car's seat warmers so much until I had ice cold completely soaked-through jeans. But the game was actually pretty fun and I met some interesting shooters and even had some football boys asking me if I was cold. More snow/freezing rain tomorrow and the next. I've got Monday and Tuesday off, so I think I'm going to head back to amish country and buy some more bread.

Here's some photos from the Autism story that I'm working on. A lot different from the high schoolers I shot at San Ramon Valley High School. This is a really rough edit of my first take. I still haven't found a focus... not sure if I want this to be about the school or a few kids in particular or one individual. I had so much fun watching these kids play and learn. And man oh man did they love the camera. They all kept sticking their faces completely inside the lens to see what was inside. It was hilarious. And as soon as they discovered the play button, they figured out that they could see their pictures. So, my first challenge is to get these kids bored with me and my camera. By the end of my few hours there they were less interested, but still very aware. But, like all kids, they will eventually get bored.

Oh yeah, and happy Halloween. Here's a shot from a costume shop business story we did. This is my very janky on-site studio set up inside a dressing room. Nothing special in the least. I think I'm going to go to work as a reporter on Tuesday. Maybe find a fedora that I can stick a piece of paper in that says "Press."


This isn't as bad as I thought it would be

I started a photo story today. And the snow just keeps on coming. Here's to hoping that it sticks and also here's to hoping that I learn how to dress for this weather. I took some much needed advice from some friends back home. Things are looking up. Here's a photo from a story that we are doing on the bus system in town. And a big CONGRATS to Miss Ariel for her new job.


Either build me a boat or quit with the rain

Whoever lives in the apartment below me snores so loud that they keep me up at night. I think some doorbell ditch breathe right strips are in order. Any volunteers??

The PR lady at the Chevy Centre ruined my day. What a crabby lady. I mean seriously, if I ask if there's a press pass for me for fight night don't get all up in my face about it. A simple no sorry is fine by me. This weather is making me cranky. And I am SO INCREDIBLY sick of everyone asking me, "Oh where you from"... "California"..."Oh my god... what are you doing in Ohio? I'm so sorry but what made you come out here??" Stop asking me that!!

A terrible situation involving a school rock/ever-changing billboard and the LGBT on-campus group and some slanderous nay-sayers.

Ribbon cutting ceremony number 289292829292 since I've started here. Okay, that's an exaggeration.... It's probably the 3rd but I hadn't even been here an entire month yet at this point.

I was tired of waiting around for another ribbon cutting ceremony or school assembly to happen. I decided to go bird hunting instead. I desperately needed something to take my mind off of assignments.

This is the photo I took.

This is what ran b/c.. and I quote... it's too tilted to run in our paper.

Shooting an NFL game was tough. I'm still really working on making better fb pics. And ohhh man, football is so much better than baseball (to shoot), IMO. I met some fun people at this game. Again, a whole bunch of, oh my gods what are you going in Ohios.

More Steelers to come.. it's not all edited yet.


The weather here is terrible!!

I would love nothing more than to either be sitting in Dolores Park or Borst Park on a super hot summer day. Ohio weather is terrible. Absolutely awful.

Pics tomorrow. My lacie is sitting on the floor reminding me to archive photos from The Chronicle. Shot an ungodly number of assignments today and worked a bunch of overtime. I'll finish up this week with 6 work days between Friday night games and the Tyson fight.. which supposedly isn't going to start until midnight. Woohoo! I'll be a zombie pretty soon.. at least I have dunkin donuts coffee to keep me going!! Best coffee I can get around here. Someone send me a Peets. Better yet, send me an Argo tea from Chicago. Reason to move to Chicago right there.

Overtime is really adding up for me. Just about enough saved up to be getting the new Apple laptop. Quit with the rumors already and just release the damn thing!! And boo to only having red Nanos. I'd slap down a much heftier donation than that if I could get a 30 in red. On second thought.. maybe I should just make the donation. Ipod mini, you've served me well.. but I spend far too much time in my car these days and I just can't listen to another Fall Out Boy or Panic! At the Disco song before I start going crazy.

D/L Damien Jurado's "Ohio"

I'll finally be getting to start my story on the wee ones autism school. Should be interesting to go into this story after having shot high schoolers and now getting to see how a much younger age group socializes and learns in the classroom. I've got another story up my sleeve that needs some research before I start to tackle it. Hundred bucks says that it never sees the light of day at this paper though. Photos as an afterthought seems like an understatement. Or maybe that's just my frustration talking. But I'm sick of people telling me, no we can't run that.. it won't re-pro well because our presses are old.

I'm really frustrated with my assignments. Too much general news. And to elaborate.. too much very boring news. Some stuff that isn't even newsworthy. And if they actually let us hear about the assignments before they are finalized, then we could have some input on photo ideas. If I have to photograph one more building or another event at that damn Metroplex or god forbid.. another ribbon cutting ceremony, I'd don't know how I'm going to feel about this experience.

I have a stack of envelopes sitting on the floor that are just about ready to send out to spring and summer internships. And I think a few residencies. I still need to call Seattle Times about theirs.. I don't know if they still offer that or not. I've got about 40 envelopes going off to about 25 states. It's time for another round of tight portfolio editing.


It's been too long

I know, I know.. I've totally neglected my blog... but it's hard to find time in between shooting and doing desk and not having internet at home to update this thing. So.. here's a big post with a ton of pics. I miss SF, my home at Noe, The Chronicle, and bugging Adam with all my photo questions. Oh yeah, and mountains, sushi, and Philz coffee. I'd give my right arm to be sitting in Dolores Park right now!! I'd love to see Helen, Rosa, Cat and Tali. It's really weird to be living by myself. I've still only seen one of my neighbors. I miss having roommates. I want a dog.

Send me snail mail! I love postcards.
4689 Woodhurst Dr. Apt. #5
Austintown, Oh 44515

A house fire a few weeks ago. First spot news since I started here.

Hung out at a little lake yesterday and took a bunch of pictures of trees. I finally get where fall colors come from. Fall out here is gorgeous!!

An ode to Six Feet Under. The best show in TV history.

What's fall without a giant pumpkin contest??

Friday night lights.. story of my life since I've been here. Besides freezing my butt off, I love shooting football. Especially when the teams aren't terrible, because then there is actually some action to shoot.

Hillary Clinton and Adam Brody!? What's better than that? Hooray for democrats. Oh yeah, and Luke Perry. He looked like a trucker.

Feature hunting on yet again another very rainy day.

Toured a steel mill which was pretty interesting. There were a lot of Californians on the tour and I think I scared them all a bit at how excited I was when they said they were from the Bay Area.

I had no shame in getting my picture taken with Mike Tyson after the press conference. I'll throw the picture up tomorrow. I can't find it right now.

Portrait of a guy who's been running a little town newspaper for the past few years. They put out their last issue a few weeks ago. The paper had been around since the 1920s.

Deeeeelicious apples. Honey crisps are the best.

Another vigil.

Hard not to yell PETA when you're at Barnum and Bailey. The elephants looked really sad.