Over rivers, farms, and state lines

I'm ready for fall. More ready then I've ever been to say goodbye to a summer. Tough past couple of months. Tired of listening to the rattling fan, sweating myself to sleep. Ready for crisp days, boots, coats, and not counting how many cups of coffee I drink. Tuesday is Operation Get A Bike and Buy 120. Mmmm film.



My beloved Nalgene is poisioning me, as pointed out by a friend, and then confirmed by a New York Times article.

Bummer. Nalgene... you will be missed. You served me well for many years.

Sigg, here I come.


Summer is winding down

As much as I love summer, I'm not going to miss the hot weather. It's one thing when you are close enough to walk or ride to the beach, it's a whole other thing when the only large body of water you can get to is man-made. Operation Summer 2009: float down Rapid Creek with an inner tube and a Pabst tall boy. Let's just hope we get as much rain in the spring so that the creek is good and high.


"You guys are the 8-track cassette of news"

This is both sad and funny, but ultimately telling of the minds of some journalists in the country. Me included. I feel you William Lobdell, I feel you.


you're keeping me inspired

all of you.

moco with the ring flash

seth totally falling victim to the ringflash and the 90 degree weather outside

sarah looking a little unimpressed with the media parking

kayla being the amazing multi-tasker that she is

back-focus is the new vignette