spring is almost over

the end of the semester is winding down and my mind and body are totally feeling it. after staying up over 24 hours last week after pulling an all-nighter to finish our multimedia, it definitely feels like finals are here. we are all really proud of the piece. i'm stoked with how it came out. i mean, there are definitely things that we could have done differently, but i really like the direction we took with our story and i feel like we did capture a bit of what it is like for these guys to be doing what they do. i can't imagine living on the water all my life and doing the incredibly hard work these guys do, but they totally love it and i feel like we captured that. no multimedia to show you guys just yet (we publish on wednesday in class), but for now here's some more photos.

i've been feeling less like myself the past few weeks. i've had a lot to think about as far as school, careers, family, friends, life, and picture-making goes. i need to push myself and gain more courage to do what i want to do with my life after school. i've been looking for feedback, guidance, and generally just people to bounce j-ideas off of. ariel always re-inspires me whenever she comes into town. thank you ariel for always managing to plant a little seed that gets my brain going again. and for helping me edit!

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