damn the mets!

I love going to the ballpark. I feel like I'm in a 1950s movie.. maybe because I always think of The Sandlot.

More shooting later this week/early next week for the fishermen.

I'm going to be 23 on Friday. Wowza. You all know I hate birthdays because I hate getting older! Bummer, man.

Edit: here's a few shots (I've only scanned 4 so far) from the fashion show at the DeYoung. Brian, Steve, Mike, Jessica and I all shot it for various reasons. I think I was shooting for Fay. I have no idea, I was just making pictures! Oh yeah, and one shot is from after the first night of POYi when we were all making the trek out to Chinatown.

I've been poking around old blog posts... mostly from last summer. Kinda neat to see how my shooting has changed. Better or worse?? I'm not really sure. Better I hope. Fun to read all my ramblings about interning. I miss the northwest!! Portland is still consuming my mind; has been for the past few weeks. I'm ready to get up there.

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