soul of athens

brian says this isn't journalism. i beg to differ. i think all stories, even if they aren't about a specific issue, have a place to be told. and for me this story was about love and faith and responsibility and the uknown. that's a story to be told, isn't it? and if from the traditional views of journalism that isn't a story, isn't it still worth telling? i think the web is giving us the freedom to tell different stories that maybe didn't have a place before. and that's pretty exciting.

there's something about the intimacies of life that i find incredibly intriguing.


what do you think?

also, check out the american diversity project over at: http://www.americandiversityproject.org

i'm still in idaho...camera-less...which sucks, but also cool because my dad had a film camera sitting up here and i found tmax at fred meyers so that took care of my still shooting. and a nice little thing i found in the closet next to the camera... a digital video camera!! i might steel and bring it back to cali with me.

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