i haven't taken a picture in a week. and that feels weird. i just haven't been out in the sun enough... so the holga isn't as fun without the pan-f.

celebrated colleen and the crews' successes with am emphasis on seeing off our beloved colleen but saying hello to new friends which were hysterically gifted at singing prince songs. spent the day studying and putting the finishing touches on my book for the beloved mid-west (i have a strange affinity for that area... and i love, love, love football). then got some much needed post-finals drinks with scot at the transfer while belly-ache laughing with dave.

we all talked about the chron cutting way too many jobs. which made us sick to our stomaches wondering what will become of all our careers now that we are seriously in the market to compete with experienced, award-winning photographers. and also, super bummed out and totally feeling for our fellow photogs and editors at said paper. adam's call to me about being laid-off will continuously be one my top 5 major let downs in the j-world.

damn the man.

no wait, blame craigstlist. right??

man, it's a bummer to spend most of your night theorizing and protheletizing about how much better the industry could be... only to know that it probably won't change fast enough for all of us to keep up to speed.

on a more positive note... i can't wait for geekfest!! i'm on team "The Diptychs" with Chris Detrick, David Banks, Thomas Boyd, Kevin Lorenzi, Misty McElroy, and David Zentz. i could not be more stoked. i am totally inspired by everyone's work on apad and i'm really excited to work with each of these people. and mr. boyd has been workin the holga and i am super stoked on that.

ready to countdown: graduation, idaho, portland and portland AGAIN. june is going to rock. if i don't see you in june... bummer. it's going to be a good month.

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