My fingers are all inky

I bought a 1950s Gray Magic Royal Typewriter today. It's one of the neatest purchases I've ever made. Right up there with the orange rotary phone I bought in Bisbee. Greg helped me figure out a lot of the ins and outs. Brothers with a knack for engineering are really clever like that.

Picture of it tomorrow. And hopefully by then I'll have a new ribbon for it. The one it came with is about dry, but there was enough ink on there for us to give the thing a really good test run. Thank you Brieshen for this incredibly awesome and simply amazing little machine.

Ariel? "What? You're getting a typewriter? Why? Explain to me why you spend three thousand dollars on a laptop and then you go and by a typewriter?"

It's simple: simple is good. It's as simple as that.

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