five years spent

i've spent a lot of time in this city over the past few years. sadly seen a lot of people come and go, move away and come back, or lose touch and never see or hear from them again. had a dream the night before last that got me thinking a lot about who i've come to be over the past five years. and thinking more critically about the choices laid out in front of me that will inevitably shape the next few years of my life. looking forward to the unknown future. and anxious to get started on something new.

i was really sick for about 4 days. still feeling a little ill but nothing like before. watch out for a tummy ache followed by a nasty fever. not fun. fevers give me lucid dreams. makes for a wild nights sleep.

in salinas sitting in a hotel room right now with my dad and brother. going to some bike races tomorrow. it's nice being with family. hadn't seen my dad in a while. or my brother. good to spend time with them.

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Anonymous said...

i love the first on the sned strip.. you and paul ..
both in your heads "we know eachother the lest ehhh"