the vice collective

spent the weekend hosting friends of friends from sunny san diego, traipsing around the city with the folks from the vice collective and their ensuing entourage. watch out for vice, they are going to take this city by storm with their incredibly talented, hand-picked team of amazing artists. thank you ladies and gents for having me as your photog this weekend; entirely too much fun.

megan and co. hosted a party at the supperclub on thursday, kicking off our exhausting weekend. somewhere in there was also a party at darcy's, a night turned into day that ended with me up on twin peaks taking Holga pictures of japanese tourists at sunrise, and finally ending it all at beauty bar for the annual talent show. congrats to miss mudflap megan who took home 500 bones and a trip to vegas.

have a good holiday everyone. be safe and clean out your closets and pantries. it's that time of year to give.

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Kevin German said...

I love that second photo!

Wonderful energy! :)