this is it

without really knowing where my final destination will be (the coming days will determine that), i'm starting to say goodbye to this city, this state, the homes that i've made for myself over the past 5 years. sad mostly, but i think that comes from the fear of the unknown. so maybe that isn't so bad. that's something i've been itching to embrace, and now that it's here, i guess i can't help but to be a little uneasy.

here's a few snaps that have been floating around in my edit folders... snaps from the past few weeks. too much travel. too little time in my own bed.

making my way out to the delta again before the week is over. hopefully on the weekend so that i can spend more then just a quick minute there. i called robert and sue the other day to catch up. they were wondering what happened to me. sue was laughing, telling me that she kept saying to robert, "she's fine!! she just needed to get away for a while. let her escape life while she can." sue was right, i think i had been running for the past few weeks. months even. i feel rested, grounded, and eager for the new.

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Pao said...

delta? meaning? the mekong? hehe good luck kristina! do your thang gurl!