home, inspired and exhausted

i feel like i haven't been home since we got back from Mexico. it's been a pretty busy past couple of months filled with a lot of much needed travel away from SF.

spent the weekend in pasadena for the VII seminar. highlights: Stanley Greene of NOOR, Boogie, Jessica Dimmock's "The Ninth Floor" and Lauren Greenfield's "Kids and Money".

i didn't feel so crazy anymore about having my camera with me all the time after Boogie showed a picture of a cat jumping over a wall where he takes out his trash. his point was that he even has his camera on him when he takes out the trash. can't say i do the same, but i do have my camera with me for 90% of all waking hours throughout the day. and it's made for an interesting couple of months being able to experiment visually and also capture more of my own life.

on a side note... a few of us on APAD were discussing our complaints about the nasty vignetting that the 5D gets when you're shooting wide open at 1.4 on prime lenses. it's a pain in the ass that every picture at 1.4 comes out of camera with the corners totally dropped. but here i am wanting a 35 f/1.4 after getting to play around with one at Samy's Camera. i need to ween myself off shooting so wide open.

here's a few pictures from a Dia de los Muertos celebration that we found in East Los Angeles on Friday night.

and a few leftover from halloween:

and oooooh man, moco is getting huge. and oscar, don't worry, you're still cute too.

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