Cory Ginsbach

I photographed Cory Ginsbach back in April. He passed away this Friday. He had been diagnosed with ALS. Having been the activities director for the past 23 years, this man will be greatly missed by the Hill City High School community. It's strange to have photographed a man that I knew was sick but never met again after the 10 minutes I spent with him making this portrait. I photograph hundreds of people every month. Most I never see again. Others I run into at the grocery store, at an event, or even at a Friday night game. I don't know how many other people I have photographed are not still around. There are thousands upon thousands of photographs in my archives. And it wasn't until Friday that I really thought about where the people are. Sure, there are plenty of people that I think of from time to time... and emails and phone numbers tacked onto my cork board of people that I want to keep in touch with. But then there are others that I may only think about when I run across their photograph. Made me want to slow down a bit more. Made me think. Made me miss.

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Anonymous said...

Gins. will always be in out hearts. He was a great teacher and coach. Always willing to help his students. Mr. Ginsbach will be forever with us.
We love you Gins!