Buffalo Roundup

I didn't realize how short the days were going until I saw how late they start. I thought for sure the sun would be up when I peeled myself out of bed at half past five this morning. But it was pitch black. Almost all the way until I was pulling into Safeway to greedily get my fuel discount. Tim always makes for an interesting drive somewhere. We talk a lot about life and his faith and our conversations always turn into something more philosophical. Either way, it didn't make for a horrible drive at dawn. I can't lie, I hadn't been having too much fun at work the past few weeks. Not sure what it was. Just a lot going on there and I felt a little disconnected from things. But it's almost October. And I got to spend the whole day bouncing around the back of a pickup, coming home with dust caked to my skin. Maybe I needed a mellow day taking photos of buffalo. Whatever it was, it got my mind of things.

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