leaving on a jet plane

rising before the sun on the 11th to catch a plane to Minneapolis which will put me en route to Louisville where i will depart another plane and find my way to a rental car which will carry me to pikeville where i will probably spend the night in said rental car until the gym opens up the next morning.

going to be in KY for ADP. anxious to get there. eager for it to start. a little sad to leave the photo boys behind (well not sad, maybe more filled with guilt for leaving them short-handed). excited to be in a new town for a week and curious about a region i've never been to.

i've forgotten about this blog for too many days in the past few months. and i think a lot of that has to do with me having a general feeling of "ick" when i go through my takes at the office. here's to some much needed -- and soon to come -- inspiration.

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Shaminder said...

What's APD? And congrats on find your inspiration, I too find that a change of pace goes a long way in helping me when I'm in a "I keep repeating myself" funk.