American Diversity Project

Exhausted. Missing the roach infested Blue Goose; a week-long home I won't soon forget. Thank you to Jim and Carla Winn for inviting all of us along to be a part of the project. Pikeville was definitely unlike any other place I've been before. Different faces, stories and challenges. People are much more private about their lives and trust you in a way that didn't totally resemble the hospitality of other places I've been. It was a great challenge in gaining the trust of people you only have a few days to spend time with. Things moved quickly and my brain and camera didn't always keep up. Wish I could have spent more time there. I've got a good fire under me now. Trying to keep the inspiration and motivation flowing now that I'm back at the office. Feeling very refreshed.

Check out the site... it should be updated more in the coming weeks:

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Kendrick Brinson said...

really beautiful images here.

it looks like you were served well being a part of the project.

you coming to geekfest?