oh eight

a few shots from my last few days in San Francisco and a few from the first hours of 2008

brian stealing my camera and the mirror in my bedroom for a quick self portrait before we all left for dinner at darcy's

hookers in the hot tub at the new years party dave and brian were working at.

i met these two at the end of the night. he lived in rapid city for a time. she rhymed every few words. they reminded me of christian hansen. a little beatnik; a little frisco. they knew people back in rapid city. and that's where i am now. turns out one of the other photogs knows one of the people they were telling me about. he asked me to write a secret in his moleskine. i did.
my vision left me as the drinks found me.

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the mean looking american said...

The Redbox DVD rental kiosk at Albertson's is located by the customer service counter near the checkout stands. DVDs are available for $1 per night and there are plenty of new releases to choose from. (Photo by Kristina Barker, Journal staff)

riveting... simply riveting
(just kidding hope you are doing well)