ugly sweaters, welcome home Jeff, goodbye Sean

been a week chalk full of hellos and goodbyes. jeff came home from denmark... FINALLY. just in time to spend some time with him before i ship off to South Dakota. said goodbye to Sean Connelley the other day at the Miraloma Club, just up the street from our casa. Sean and Katy Newton are headed down south to the LA Times. the Times is lucky to have them! thank you Sean for the awesome pep talk and for always keeping me inspired. your little SF crew is really going to miss you. home for a few days for the holiday and then gathering up my last few things in the city and then hitting the road.

been collecting a bunch of prints from friends before i go. get me yours if i don't have one yet! i'd love to swap some art before leaving cali.

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larraitz con pompa said...

it´s my first time here. i found your blog ´cause i´ve already open mine and just was checking around...
love your work. amazing pictures