one last time

saying goodbye to this beautiful city, these friends, this home, the nights that turn into days and the many many people that i've met along the way. done it before, doing it again. even though i've seen it a million times in my life...the bridge, the buildings, the bay.. all of it. i'm going to miss that the most. here's a mix of the past few weeks. no particular order. some from yesterday, some from the end of november. and again, thank you to everyone who came to the gallery to support Project Luz. we had a great turn out and raised a lot of money so thank you to everyone who contributed and helped get the word out.


guillermo said...


ariel zambelich said...

barker, i'm gonna miss you like nobody's business.

you had better get the time to see me before you leave, or i'm gonna have to find you and kick your ass! haha.